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Security Well Service provides well service work for the South Texas area. Services we offer include work-over rigs, gauging, consulting, tool rental, supplies and pump repair.  We have serviced the Duval County and surrounding areas for 30 years.  


Security Well Service offers a range of rig sizes to meet both need and cost. From pole rigs to double/triples, we got you covered. Rigs come complete with safety equipment including blow-out preventers.



At Security Well Service, we understand that safety is a ongoing process that evolves, but never ends. Maintaining and executing proper safety programs and training helps us ensure that our personnel are well equipped to stay safe.

Security Well Service handles a wide variety of equipment available for rental. Some of these include:

  • Pumps/Tanks
  • Power Swivels
  • Backhoe
  • Flowback Iron
  • High pressure test machines
  • Light Plants
  • ManLift


Security Sales & Service offers a wide range of supplies. Valves, fittings, rubber goods and pump repair are small part of what we offer.

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Security Well Service II

                                             Freer, Texas

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Security Well Service in Freer, TX is your one-stop destination for all well servicing needs.  If you need anything at all for your oil well, give us a call and we will do outstanding work for a price that will not be beat.  Parted rods, pump malfunctions, and tubing holes happen, but don't let them get you down.  Security Well Service will have you producing again in no time!  All of our rigs have sand pumps, and our expert staff can clean your well so that you are producing at maximum capacity again.  So when your well is letting you down, call the people who never will.  We will do whatever it takes to work for you!